The Whinney's Wagon Experience

Everyone involved at Whinney's is friendly, knowledgeable, and has a genuine love for animals. I, Darlene Chrisman, the owner, has had a lifetime love affair with the species and have been the owner of equines for fourteen years.

I still have my very first horse, whereas some, like cars and are bought and sold everyday. Experience has been my teacher. I myself worked in this identical business for a season before starting Whinney's. My horses and I have also been taught to "drive" by some of the most experienced Amish horse trainers in the state. One which, has done his famous presentation at the Hoosier Horse Fair & Expo with multiple hitched team of six horses running through a ring of fire.

My man driving Halflinger horse has on e of the most renowned pedigrees among that breed. He is out of Midas Touch whose lineage takes him back to the original breeding from Austria that was introduced into the United States in the late 1960's.

Where requested we can bring along some familiar friends of the equine. Our petting farm has some popular animals such as a miniature donkey, miniature horse, pigmy goats, a miniature Julianna pig (the only true mini pig in the US, all are registered) when fully grown is approximately 35 lbs. and a rabbit. Our guests may feed and pet the animals, while learning about basic care and anatomy of each one. We even have friendly reminds about proper hand sanitation and informational posters about the spread of germs.

You may ask why a petting farm when most kids involved in 4-H projects that include animals? A majority of the 4-H animals are on loan to the students (not directly owned by them) or are the only specific species they are familiar with, not to mention they are for exhibit only. Whinney's can supply the hands-on interaction an education regarding a few of the most common animals that are seen on the farm, that perhaps some children have not been up close to before.