Our Services

Whinney’s is in the business of bringing smiles and joy to your special event and providing you with the most comprehensive equine and/or small farm animal experience anywhere, that guests will continue talking about for months.
Whinney’s has all brand new equipment from the newborn donkey, that isn’t even weaned, or named yet. Whinney’s is big at paying attention to the smallest detail and old fashioned in values. Furthermore, we offer the option to capture those precious moments in high quality lasting professional style photographs.

Whinney’s can provide full service at the county fair or hometown festival. We are current members of the Indiana Association of Fairs and Festivals. We have minimal set up time usually within three hours and upon departure you won’t even know we were there. The only thing left behind will be the buzz about how much fun everyone had.  We are ok whether on pavement or grass. We have a six pony carousel that will be operating under a 30 x 30 ft. tent (to be acquired in 2014). Three ponies are larger and can handle up to a 200 pound rider. So, mom, dad, even grandparents, when encouraged by the kids to join in the fun, let the child within, come out and have some fun, there won’t be an excuse to say no.

Where requested we can bring along some of the familiar friends of the equine. Our petting farm has some popular animals such as a miniature donkey, miniature horse, pigmy goats, a miniature Julianna pig (the only true mini pig in the US, all are registered) when fully grown is approximately  35 lbs. and a rabbit. Our guests may feed and pet the animals, while learning about basic care and anatomy of each one. We even have friendly reminds about proper hand sanitation and informational posters about the spread of germs.

If you can’t get out  to the fair to see us, let  Whinney’s  come to you. We have all the proper permits needed to go into the city. We would love to come to your school and do a presentation with one or two animals of your choice. We welcome any questions you may have regarding the animals, and they love the attention. Our petting farm is ideal for daycares too!

Private birthday parties and family reunions are one of our specialties. Whinney’s can bring a pony or two of your choice to your location and provide as many hours of fun as you want. During the party, riders form a line and the pony or ponies walk while on a lead rope for a specified duration per rider or a set course. The only stops are for taking turns over and over again, but the fun and  laughter never ends.