Our Expertise and Credentials

Some examples of expertise are private birthday parties or corporate parties, church events or school carnivals, as well as educational presentations just to name a few. We are fully insured and have all proper permits and inspections required.

All animals at Whinney’s are hand- selected for temperament. All horses and ponies are up to date on their vaccines, worming and farrier work (hoof care). Dentistry of the equines  is provided on an as needed basis. All animals have a minimum annual routine vet check. Petting farm animals are inspected by the USDA.

Upon request, we will be happy to provide a certificate of health, signed by a veterinarian, on any animal with at least a notice of four weeks prior to the event. The same would apply to any requests for a coggins test. The reason for the advance notification is due to laboratory turn around time for test results and accommodating schedules of the professionals involved in the process.

Additionally, I  am a state certified Emergency Medical Technician and have been since the year 2000 . I worked for 10 years for the Parkview Health Systems (they are the # 1 employer in the area as stated by the Fort Wayne-Allen County Development Alliance) at their level 1 trauma center in the emergency room. I have resigned my position at the hospital but I continue every 2 year period as mandated by the state, taking educational courses and staying updated on the latest changes in the medical field to keep my certification current.  I am also trained in CPR. I will be in attendance at each event.